APAC Outlook – Interview with JustKitchen COO Kent Wu

We talk to Kent Wu, COO of JustKitchen, about the company’s all-encompassing method of business in the Asian food and beverage industry  
Writer: Marcus Kääpä, APAC Outlook Magazine, April, 9, 2021

During this challenging period caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the food and beverage industry has been turned upside-down.


Companies and businesses across the globe have slowed and even completely halted in a hibernating state to endure the unique and trying past year. Several businesses have also adapted to maximise their opportunities during this new way of working and living, such as turning to digital orders and home deliveries.


Despite COVID-19 negatively impacting countries for extended lengths of time, Taiwan has returned to a semi-normality fairly quickly. Because of the swift adherence to the notion of a national lockdown (that was a voluntary lockdown with restrictions on travel rather than government mandated), this smooth transition to combat the virus has limited the negative effects for Taiwan compared to many other countries that have, and still are, facing challenges.


In light of this, Taiwan has already reached a level of post-pandemic normality that spells promise for sectors across the nation. While many companies have had to shift and adapt to new methods of operation, JustKitchen has been able to provide its high quality and professional services to a multitude of customers.


“JustKitchen is essentially an operator with its own brands. We create our own in-house brands that appeal to a wide cross section of tastes and are able to deliver very high-quality meals through our network of kitchens,” explains Kent Wu, COO of the company.


Kent had always been tied to the e-commerce space and it was through friend and family ties that his career path made its way into the food and beverage industry. After spending six months as an advisor for JustKitchen, and being incredibly impressed with the business model, Kent invested in and joined the company in a permanent capacity…